1/4" Audio Plugs 6.35 mm Plug TRS Male 1/4 inch Solder Type Stereo Plug Straight Design Connector Spring DJ Mixer Speaker Cables Guitar Cables Phono Patch Cable Microphone Cables (5 Pack)

R 446.32

1/4 inch or 6.35mm dia. audio plug, 5 pieces well-packed.

Used on the terminal of the cable of equipments with TRS Stereo female jack socket (speakers/ Microphone / Guitar / Phono / DJ Mixers etc.)

Light design nickel plating barrel, alloy construction, plastic insulation sleeve in each barrel.

Soldering required (Please use flat blade solder tip to carry out ). Solder wire included as free gift. Eco-friendly solder wire, comes with lightest smoke, no smell, lowest pollution to the air. Also Lead-free, minimum harm to your body. 15.8 inch / 40cm long. High-efficiency and solid soldering.

Full Guarantee from Giant Bee.

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