Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Kit EF-S 18-55mm Image Stabilization STM Lens + Polaroid .43x Super Wide Angle & 2.2X HD Telephoto Lens + 64GB Memory Card + Flash + Filters + Accessory Bundle

R 32,899.00

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization STM Lens With all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories + Full USA Warranties PREMIUM RITZ CAMERA BUNDLE INCLUDING:

Polaroid Studio Series .43x Super Wide Angle Lens, Polaroid Studio Series 2.2X High Definition Telephoto Lens

Sandisk 64GB SDHC Memory Card, Ritz Gear OTG USB Reader/Writer, Ritz Gear Camera Bag, Polaroid Memory Card Wallet

50" Tripod, Polaroid Pro Slave Flash, Polaroid 58mm Filter Set with Pouch

Deluxe Cleaning Kit, Polaroid Screen Protectors, Polaroid Remote Control, Polaroid Pocket-Sized Digital Grey Card, Bubble Level

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