Grimm's Giant Marbles - Set of Wooden Balls in a Rainbow of Colors

R 898.00


About the product

At last! "Marbles" large enough for even babies & toddlers: for color sorting, rolling, filling bowls & other containers, and more!

Comes in an egg carton which can be used for storage when playtime is over

Large size is easy to grasp and safe for even very young children (1 year & up), without being too heavy. Older kids will find plenty of uses for them too!

Made in Germany from solid wood and colored with certified safe, non toxic water-based stains (no worrisome paints or lacquers)

Enhance motor skills and develop creativity with the unlimited ways to play with these balls: as marbles to roll, as objects to sort by color, or to fill containers like Grimm's Nesting/Stacking Bowls

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