Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con,FYOUNG Controllers for Nintendo Switch Joy Con - Blue and Red (2 Packs)

R 599.00

🎮MUST-HAVE - It is the perfect size for any hands.They can give you better experience in playing racing games with friends and family.

🎮DURABLE and LIGHT - Makes the joy con grips not shake off or slide, not loose and not too tight.Snug fit.Nice solid build.

🎮EASY INSTALLATION - Easily place your controller in here and get access to every button.

🎮SENSITIVE RESPONSE - The L & R triggers on these grips actually hit the corresponding buttons on the Joycon.They feel completely natural!

🎮NOTE - Not include Switch joy cons.To see other accessories for Nintendo Switch Console in our range, simply search 'Fyoung' in the search bar above.

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