Moukey Rechargeable Digital Wireless Microphone System UHF Dual Channel, Professional Handheld Dynamic Karaoke Mic Set, Ideal for Home Karaoke DJ Church Party

R 2,026.93

【Avoid Frequency Interference】 Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) wireless mic system works at 902~928MHz, with up to 32 frequency points can be selected, minimized the risk of being interfered by other electronic devices as well as the noises. Much better than VHF.

【ID Recognition Technology】Only the handheld mic turned on and recognized will the receiver work. No concern about reciver receiving signals from external and speaker causing noise issues when the microphone is turned off. Suitable for use in “crowded” radio environments.

【Simple Frequency Change System】Simply touch the buttons on the mic to set up frequency, easy to use.

【Long Duration】It can be used up to 8 hours after fully charged, perfect for outdoor activies. (Charging time: 1-2 hours, Battery Cycle Count > 1000 times)

【Battery Replacebale】The microphone with rechargeable lithium battery can be powered by 1.5V AA batteries, no need to worry the main power is down or malfunction anymore!

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