PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Silver PCH-2000 ZA25

R 7,220.29

Japan edition but you can change language

The high-resolution 5-inch screen offers colour and definition that takes your portable gaming experience to a new level.

Blur the line between gaming and real life. Transport your surroundings into the game you're playing – creating a whole new world every time you play.

Tilt and steer your way through adventures, interact with characters and use in-game tools in new ways – all courtesy of the built-in motion sensors.

Transform your PS Vita into a mini-version of your living room console with Remote Play. Nearly all PS4 games can be played remotely on your PS Vita with a Wi-Fi connection.*

The rear touch pad gives you advanced precision and accuracy, so you can interact from both front and back for full control. Grab, trace, squeeze, push and pull… PS Vita offers exciting new ways to play.

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