PS4 Controller Charger Charging Station, Dual Shock 4 Controller Charger Playstation 4 Twin Charge Docking Station for Sony PS4/Pro/PS4 Slim Controller - Black

R 545.00

【PS4 controller charger】controller charging station for PlayStation 4 dual shock 4 controllers (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim controller), power up two PS4 controllers simultaneously and enjoy hours of non-stop gaming

【Quick and effective PS4 charging station】keep your PS4 controllers fully charged & ready to use.Two controllers charged simutaneously(controller are not included)) 2.5 hour fast wireless PS4 charging

【Easy to set up】space saving design for dock, store & charge 2 x dualshock4 wireless controllers, with a low profile design to match your PS4 system, store and charge your controllers with ease, grab a charged PS4 controller and join in on the fun

【Indicator light】red LED charge indicators turn to green once controllers are fully charged,. simply lift your controller from LED indicate light that light up red to indicate charging and green to indicate a full charge and you're good to go

【Lifetime warranty】includes short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and over-voltage protection to protect your controller, backed YCCSKY with lifetime warranty

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