Steelman Pro 78684 Bluetooth ChassisEAR Kit

R 12,155.40

NO WIRES - Bluetooth connected transmitters attach to clamps and wirelessly transmits data to a connected device

4 INDEPENDENT SENSORS - Kit includes 4 vibration and noise sensor clamps and 4 Bluetooth transmitters with a set of color coded silicone rubber boots

STETHOSCOPE PROBE - Aluminum probe works with a Bluetooth transmitter as an electronic stethoscope and features a detachable sound wand

USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE - Includes a USB Bluetooth dongle for use with laptop PCs that do not have built-in Bluetooth capability

MULTIFUNCTION DOCK - Docking station charges Bluetooth modules and includes storage compartments for clamps, sound wand, and ties

PADDED HEADPHONES - Comfort-fit padded headphones provide high-quality sound reproduction for diagnosing detected noises

FREE SOFTWARE - Free downloadable software from and Google Play and works with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and a range of Android devices

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