Tennis Racket for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller,Accessories for Nintendo Switch Game Mario Tennis Aces Blue and Red - Only Use for Swing Mode on Nintendo Switch

R 899.00

Compatible with all racket sports games including Mario Tennis Aces - Nintendo Switch.Twin pack tennis racket extensions for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.Lightweight ergonomic design suitable for all hand sizes.Durable and high quality.Note:You need to choose Swing Mode to use our tennis racket.

It makes the interactive sports games even more fun to play with the whole family or friends.This game can be played by 4 gamers at the same time.So we suggest that you can buy two sets of tennis racquets.It is suitable for the party.

It makes it more realistic than just playing with the Nintendo Switch controller.In Adventure mode,experience a new favor of tennis gameplay with this tennis racket.Injects realism and a competitive edge to games.It is very easy to use.When you play tennis game,please watch the ceiling.

Includes adjustable wrist straps for added security.The controllers fit perfectly and lock in place,so you don't need to worry about dropping on the floor or throwing the switch joy-con to someone accidentally.(Joy-Con controllers are not included.)

Quick and easy to set up and play.It will help you to launch the ball with enough force to KO your opponent!With all the extension pieces we actually feel like we are on the actual tennis court playing the games!Include 2 pcs Tennis Racket and 2 pcs wrist straps.

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