UCTRONICS Numerical Control DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Step Down Stabilized Power Supply Constant Voltage Current Buck Power Converter Power Supply Adjustable Module

R 1,221.00

UCTRONICS Variable Bench Power Supply - Buck Converter DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Precision Digital Adjustable Step Down - Constant Voltage and Current, 10 Preset Settings Switchable: This power supply combines digital control with analog integration. Its output range: Voltage is 0-50.00V, step by 0.01V; Current is 0-5.000A, step by 0.001A

This step down voltage regulator can store M0-M9 10 groups preset value when power-down. Keep pressing M1 or M2 more than 2s, the corresponding data group will be extracted and displayed on the right of the screen

The 1.44 in colorful LCD monitor can display the preset voltage, input voltage, output voltage, the preset current, output current, output power at the same time. On the output state remind area, you can monitor that the key is locked or not, output is normal or not, the state of constant voltage and constant current, the current data set prompt and output opens or not

There are four button-"M1", "M2", "SET" and "ON/OFF", and a coding potentiometer. Can be used for to set the output voltage and output current on the main display interface, set the data on the data setting interface, set the protection value, adjust the brightness of screen, extract Shortcut storage data group M1 or M2, etc.

Note: When the output of this step down voltage regulator is used for charging a battery or connect a capacitive load, there must be a diode in series with the output-anode, otherwise the regulator will be damaged

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