Vitrius Cables - XLR Cable 6 Ft - Patch Cords for Pro Audio - 3-pin Connectors, Male to Female

R 763.84

YOU DON'T WANT A CABLE THAT CRAPS OUT at that crucial moment in a live performance, or ruins that perfect take in a recording. This Vitrius 6 ft xlr patch cable is TOTALLY RELIABLE and stands up to constant use and abuse, in club gigs, concerts, church recitals, karaoke and studio recording. We have eliminated common cable problems – so you can rest easy and concentrate on your music-making.

WHY WASTE TIME OR MONEY swapping out cheap, unreliable cables? Save yourself the time and frustration, and in the end, some money, since you won't be replacing this Vitrius cable any time soon. Premium quality really doesn't need to cost more. Let Vitrius Cables prove it to you.

All Vitrius Cables use premium quality die-cast 3-pin XLR connectors, which feature a chuck-type strain relief, so the cable can't pull out of the connector, like many of the cheaper cables do, plus oxygen-free copper conductors, which gives you that super-clean, noise-free signal quality that really makes your music come to life.

Your music is important to's your passion. At Vitrius Cables, we're Your Music Connection. Our mission and our passion is to provide you with high quality cables at a very reasonable price, and to be there for you if you have a problem, or need advice. You just won't get this kind of extensive technical knowledge and support from other cable sellers.

Our quality control is very high too..this is why we offer an unconditional 5-year product replacement warranty on every cable, so we're totally taking all the risk out of your purchase decision. Just click that Add To Cart button. Oh..and with Amazon Prime you also get free shipping. Go for it!

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